What is a Children’s Guardian?

A Children’s Guardian is part of Cafcass. The aim of the Children’s Guardian is to attempt to keep the court focused on what is best for any children or young persons involved in the family court. A Children’s Guardian will appoint a Children’s Solicitor.

What is a Children’s Solicitor?

A legally trained person who provides advice to people going through the family courts and can speak for them in court if it is felt appropriate to do so.

What is a Family Law Solicitor?

Family law solicitors focus on issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody, among others. In our experience, if you are experiencing parental alienation/contact denial, there are very few high street family law solicitors that have the knowledge, experience and past success rate in managing complex cases such as those involving parental alienation.

What is a McKenzie Friend?

A McKenzie Friend is an unqualified person who assists an individual representing themselves in court (known as a litigant in person, or LIP) in England and Wales, and Northern Ireland. We advise using the support of a McKenzie Friend whenever possible and can recommend some who have a good working knowledge of complex cases, such as those involving parental alienation. Please contact us you would like us to put you in contact with an appropriate McKenzie Friend.

What is a Direct Access Barrister?

A litigant in person (LIP) can directly access a barrister without going to a solicitor first. However, the LIP remains responsible for the day-to-day progress of their own case management. Direct Access Barristers would give a LIP advice and represent them in court to negotiate on their behalf.

What is an Independent Social Worker?

An Independent Social Worker (ISW) will work as an expert witness in complex and high conflict care proceedings concerning child protection and child welfare within the family justice system. Any proposed assessment or intervention by an ISW has to be applied for via the court. Within our network of professionals we can signpost you to ISWs that are also Reconciliation Specialists. Such ISWs specialise in reconciliation work with cases of parental alienation.

Please Note: We will gladly signpost individuals to true professionals within our wider network who add value, deliver results and operate in line with our core principles. 

We pledge to never request payment from such individuals, nor request a finder’s fee from these professionals for any referrals made. We pledge to never make a profit or any other form of financial gain from any individuals affected by parental alienation.

The CCA Support Team