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I'm father to three grown up boys, two teenage girls, one of which I see little of due to the parent alienation created and enforced by my ex wife. Even though i have a court order to allow me to have my daughter fornightly, she has been brainwashed into staying with her.

When She Loved Me

Dear Reader, Apologies for not writing for a while. As an alienated parent, debts still have to be paid, so I have been working towards this end. I am writing today about […]


Solomon’s Choice

Dear reader, Apologies for not writing for a while but have been working. I am reminded of the old story of King Solomon and his decision. The story recounts that two mothers […]

Dungeons and Dragons

Dear reader, It occurred to me today to think about parental alienation from a different angle. How do people become the person that stops one person from being involved in their child’s […]