Battling for Total Reform

Thank you

As The Cornerstone Community Alliance we would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the following (in no particular order).

A massive thank you to every single CCA Volunteer. We simply would not be able to do what we do if it wasn’t for our invaluable team of CCA Volunteers. All our Volunteers have a lived experience of the injustice of the family justice system and give their own time to support us in the day to day running of CCA. Thank you to you all.

A thank you to those individuals we engage with on Twitter who give us the time and patience to allow us to explain who we are, what we do and why we do it. Issues such as parental alienation can be incredibly contentious and too complex to discuss online. However many individuals, despite their opposing views allow us the time to explain what we do. Thank you.

Thank you to every single follower of us across our numerous social media outlets. Specifically thank you for every single like, fave, share, re tweet etc. It all counts in spreading awareness. Very much appreciated.

A huge thank you to the members of our Facebook Support Group for being such a compassionate, empathic group of individuals. A particular thank you to those that reach out and show unconditional support and kindness to others despite having their very own pressures and troubles. You guys are amazing.

On a similar note, a big thank you to the members of our Facebook Support Group that have been with us since the beginning and stuck with us while we went through some much needed restructuring of our movement.

A big thank you to our Support Line Volunteers. And an additional big thank you to a particular Support Line Volunteer who has kindly stepped forward and agreed to cover the Support Line on Christmas Day. Thank you one and all.

And last but by no means least, a big thank you to the newest members of CCA; our Canadian branch. Thank you for choosing to become part of our ever growing lobbying group. Thank you guys, your help and support is invaluable.

Thank you to you all. Take care of yourselves over the holidays.

The CCA Team

Please Note: We pledge to never make a profit or any other form of financial gain from any individuals affected by the current injustice of the family justice system.

We will gladly signpost individuals to professionals within our wider network who operate in line with our core principles; contact us for more details. 

We pledge to never request payment from such individuals, nor request a finder’s fee from such professionals for any referrals made.

We offer a completely free Support Line. To find out more prior to booking click here. To book a call from one of our dedicated Support Line Volunteers click here

The CCA Support Team