Battling for Total Reform

#TotalReform Campaign Now International

As The Cornerstone Community Alliance, we are proud of the progress we have made in the short amount of time that we have been formed. However let us make this clear from the outset. The following paragraphs are not a self indulgent reflection of how much good work we have done so far as an organisation. We prefer to see it a presentation of how we have thought differently in approaching such an all-encompassing social issue.

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Please Note: We pledge to never make a profit or any other form of financial gain from any individuals affected by the current injustice of the family justice system.

We will gladly signpost individuals to true professionals within our wider network who add value, deliver results and operate in line with our core principles; contact us for more details. 

We pledge to never request payment from such individuals, nor request a finder’s fee from these professionals for any referrals made.

We now offer a completely free Support Line. To find out more prior to booking click here. To book a call from one of our dedicated Support Line Volunteers click here

The CCA Support Team