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A little plan to raise awareness of parental alienation. Help needed!

Like many other alienated parents I have taken to the internet to vent, give and receive support and ultimately attempt to raise awareness of parental alienation.

And also like many other alienated parents out there I have a blog. This humble little blog of mine is simply a cathartic narrative of my journey of fighting parental alienation.

As somewhat of a subconscious distraction technique of missing my children I am very often thinking of ways to raise further awareness of parental alienation.

A short while ago, while in conversation on Twitter, @ColinWardWriter introduced me to a website called

“ reported 60 million unique monthly readers in May this year.”

Now, by no means is this a shameless attempt at promoting my medium publication and writers profile. My point is that medium is a place for writers and bloggers. Anyone can create a profile and, or a publication. It is completely free to join. Anyone that can write a blog can do the same on reported 60 million unique monthly readers in May this year.

On I searched the term ‘parental alienation’ and the results were as following:

  • Three publications (one of which is mine!)
  • Eight profiles that return with some association with parental alienation.
  • Parental Alienation as a ‘tag’ only has 12 followers.

I implore, beg, request all those affected by parental alienation to check this website out. For those of us with blogs, such articles can be posted on medium. For those without blogs, simply joining and reading and supporting parental alienation related articles would surely increase awareness.

Basically what I am proposing is for as many people as possible who are affected by parental alienation to check this website out. And ultimately write, engage, network and increase the discussion and awareness on a website that has 60 million unique visitors in one month alone. We could network and support each other to raise awareness.

A good introduction to can be found here.

Our medium publication is here. Our medium profile is here.

Lost-dad from Twitter, his medium profile can be found here.

A big thank you to @ColinWardWriter for introducing me to medium. Colin’s medium profile can be found here.

Thank you.

btg dad

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